Notes of an entrepreneur..


We had a good session with a couple entrepreneurs at Hyper Island, thanks to Alfred Ruth, our industry leader. He invited Hjalmar WinbladhAnna Omstedt Lindgren, Mai-Li Hammargren, Anton Johansson och Ted Valentin.

They are very different people but at the same time the kind of people you’ll see always doing something. Not in fidgety way, but just always..having this drive.

Even if the drive comes from different sources and is in search of different goals, it’s very presently there. It was very giving to listen to their stories and that is something that I found is that the CEOS learn to be skilled storytellers and are opinionated bunch that have no problem with expressing them. A trait I always appreciate. I realised also that it takes time, a startup always takes time and does not end up the way you intended it to be from the beginning!


Some notes that were scribbled down:

Sometimes it’s better to start with finding the right people that you can work with and be with. Start with the people and then the idea.

Ask people that want to work with you on thing, WHY? Are they into this because of the idea, or they want to create something or they like you and believe in you? What compels them into being an entrepreneur?

The threshold for free work is usually 3 months. After that people are not as focused because other issues need to be attended, like economy.

Iterate, iterate, iterate as much as possible before any big release.

Just to mention, mobile apps in one of the hardest markets right now. You literally need to be in San Francisco and have good contacts to get it going.

Get a revenue stream going as soon as possible and then use those sales and users in you pitch.

Investors without entrepreneurial background usually expect a fast growth/revenue after their investment. So f you have an idea that takes time, choose your investors and explain very well why they should stomach the wait.

Always over communicate!

You will get a No a lot. But every No is attached with a message on why not and you can always take a learning from that.

Most of all…Nobody knows exactly why/how they do it, so just keep calm and continue.


Find what you love and let it kill you…or?


So for me social good and especially sexual education is something that I think of when people ask me what I love to do. I do love a lot of things but this I really what I envision myself doing for a long time and in todays fast paced race it’s a hard thing to do. I feel like I can build a business plan around it that will make sure me and my future team will not be killed by what I love so therefore I look into how to make it solid profitable non-profit startup. Because “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  is a well known saying that we say casually to each other but it’s always easier to tell that to someone who has chosen a good career path, rather something totally outrages or….omg, “creative“!

Here are few steps to survive as “love follower”:

1. Know your audience and stay connected with them.
Me: I have a lot of my own assumptions going on and I have looked into reports and the studies, so the legal part. Now my next step is to connect with the existing “users” & “providers” of todays sexual education and discover what are their “pains”.

2. Be easy to work with.
Me: I am a person that after several jobs in the service sector, also volunteering and especially after Hyper Island, feel that I get this one, and I try to improve it more. Though I need to find my team!

3. Be prolific.
Me: To produce, I do. I am one of those people that if I don’t have several things to do I get lazy. I need to do stuff. I am trying to learn how to focus and not do a lot of scattered initiatives and results, but rather stick to few chosen ones. Which is hard cause my problem solving side is sometimes to easy to engage!

4. Create multiple stream of revenues.
Me: I have a couple ideas but I need a prototype and then MVP to sell it!

5. Don’t lose of the passion.
Me: I won’t, even through all of life’s detours for a couple years and months I still somehow feel strongly about my chosen path and I might stroll but I know where I am heading.

If you want to known MORE than just my answer but to get the ENTIRE tip on these 5 ones,  read more here: HOW TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND NOT GO BROKE