Am I alive?



Yes, I am. I have taken a long pause from this to redefine and do other things. I’m not letting it go, I just needed some time to 1. just be, 2. find internships, and 3. work a lot.  I’ve been working a lot to have a little pile of cash that I can use during my internship hence I’m still not taking a student loan.
The internship period starts soon and I still haven’t found one yet, so it is slightly unnerving but I don’t really want to stop being picky yet. I want to either end up in another digital education start up. Or gain some startup experience, alternative experience a company with a well grown culture. Preferably in NYC. Preferably only in NYC. I have this pesky NYC longing.

Anyway. When it comes to the process of disrupting sex ed in school, I am thinking of applying to accelerators/incubators after the internship period and graduation at Hyper.
I have a couple that I think are appropriate. So the next step is to understand the process of those and this article by Steli Efti breaks it down nicely:


Basically, find people that have been through the accelerator you are interested in and contact them nicely to find out how it was. Be super prepared for the interview and try to show results already. If you do get in, that’s where the journey actually starts for real.

I did try out just to see some of the process by very spontaneous apply to 500startups. I just happened to see on Twitter that they were looking for lgbtq founders and it was on the last application day. And it was very thorough, a lot of questions about things I haven’t yet thought of. So even if it was a half ass application I did notes on what do I need to be able to answer in future applications.

Other plans, now that my computer is back, I am going to continue to blog on all my outlets and also learn more about building up a social presence where hopefully me being me will work, so keeping on being transparent.  Also keep learning more about this wonderful world that I found through Hyper and sharpening up some skills through the digital platforms to understand their inner workings.

Alrighty !


Digital Kids


Why the digital way? Why create an educational platform that is digital?
Except my own experience from the time studying a distance studies or online courses such as Coursera, also my own habit of googling up stuff I need to learn.
I just believed and observe that the same habits are shown by the kids I see around me and on daily basis of commute.
But I did not know for sure until I read the interesting study by .SE.
It’s a study of Swedes and their internet habits year 2013.

Interesting parts that caught my eye:


In Sweden by the age of 2, a stunning 45 % have already used internet.
Often because parents let them use their tablets or smartphones as entertainment.
By the age of 11, 90 % are daily users of the internet and this trend is not only specific for Sweden but is also a global trend, showing that this is one of Internet biggest growing  area of users.

Specifics for each age:
2-6 yearsUsage is dominated by video/puzzles/games.
7-11 yearsStart to search around internet and check out the social networks.
12-15 yearsThis is where the internet becomes important even for school work.

About 7 out of 10, start checking internet for facts and information that is related to school at age 12-15. It rises with the older kids and at age 16-19 years, 9 out of 10 do the same fact researching and learning. Even in schools the internet usage has doubled since year 2009. 

So the habits of  the young is to learn in a digital way and first interaction they have is very visual and interactive. Going back to analog is wonderful in it’s way of learning patience but when it comes to such a broad subject as sex and coexistence, it is hard to capture it all in analog way ( I’m not even going into the quality. YET.).
Also they are already going and searching for terms they want to learn anyway and for many the first visual interaction becomes porn.

So why try to prohibit this way of learning and install all these parental systems on the computer, tablet or even phone? Why not rather provide a guidance in a way that is appropriate for a young digital kids habits?

Make it, break it or fuck it.



Why am I doing this? Why am sitting here and spend hours on this? Who the fuck cares about the sexual education in school? Who the fuck am I to try and change it?

Well, I never intended to end up on such a grand mission but I guess it’s because I’m short.

But let us start from the beginning.
I really wanted to become a sexologist and that idea was born within me the day I talked to one of my friends about tampons. By that time I was already accustomed to the fact that a lot of people were asking me about all things sex related. But it was somewhere there in the middle of my drawings of how the vagina looks like, that I had the epiphany.
I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up!
Of course life is not a straight line and at last I ended up at Hyper where I learned for the first time to share your ideas and collaborate. But more about Hyper at a later moment.
I would not say that I still know what I wanna be when I grow up, but this thing about sexual education was always a burning issue and one of the things that I can spend hours looking into without no apparent reason but knowledge thirst.

How was my sexual education? I did not discover proper information though until I moved to Sweden and found Kamratposten! I learned more through that magazine, than the planned sessions at school which was basically talks given to us by RFSL/RFSU, biology of the reproductive organs and diseases. We also got to visit the youth clinic.
Oh yeah, I got to see a video of a baby being born full frontal that without the whole context was like seeing Alien – the human version.

So yes, I am one of those kids that did not get a good introduction into the enormous world of sex in school. Still it was better than the one that my friend with the tampon issue had, which is none.
So all I can see now is improvement. Not only for the halting quality of the Swedish education but on a bigger scale, to places where they have none.

I am as always questioning myself but as someone said, you can either make it, break it or fuck it. And my goal is to make it, break the existing one and never say fuck it.
Welcome to the process.