Find Ed Tech accelerators!



I’ve compiled a list of accelerators I’m going to apply. I can’t decide if I should find developers and designers before or try to convince them that it’s something I need to do while in a accelerator?
I really think that I need someone who is either as passionate about digital education or wants to challenge themselves by building a totally new platform. Cause I can’t pay anything now, hmm…BUT IF SOMEONE IS INTERESTED, LET ME KNOW!

Back to accelerators, I have some favourites but any of these would be awesome to get in.

emerge_edu21 Emerge Education – Emerge Education is a 3-month, London-based accelerator programme for startups intending to improve educational outcomes worldwide.

edtech-logo1 Kaplan EdTech Accelerator – The Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, powered by Techstars​,​ is a three-month intensive, mentor-driven, deep immersion program for twelve education technology startups.

1209213_230762600410860_1389334199_n 1776 Is more of a platform rather than accelerator, 1776 wants to help startups to reinvent the world by connecting the hottest startups with the resources they need to excel.

66651_10151433743318559_1214927968_n  Startl – is a accelerator program that was active in 2013 for ed tech companies in early stages. I’m looking into if it still going on.

ycombinator-logo-fb889e2e Y CombinatorThis one is famous. Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding.

423068_301368173302592_204443380_n Socratic Labs – Accelerator + community + campus in NYC focused on educational technology entrepreneurship.

logo LearnLaunchX – LEARNLAUNCHX grows great education and learning companies. Based in Boston, a world education capital, LearnLaunchX  provides select companies with seed funding, a place to work, an unmatched team of mentors with deep domain experience and strategic relationships, a cohort of fellow entrepreneurs and a structured development program.

560813_251438315006451_1979301681_n BeeSpaceBeespace is a nonprofit incubator, helping to identify and launch the next generation of innovation nonprofits. 

Now, I have to prepare a really good presentation/website/video and also set some legal stuff.
Some things to do during this month that now we officially started school again, is to tie up my Google Analytics repeat learning and Photoshop learning. Instead start learning more about After Effects and this course by Copenhagen Business School in Social Entrepreneurship.


Am I alive?



Yes, I am. I have taken a long pause from this to redefine and do other things. I’m not letting it go, I just needed some time to 1. just be, 2. find internships, and 3. work a lot.  I’ve been working a lot to have a little pile of cash that I can use during my internship hence I’m still not taking a student loan.
The internship period starts soon and I still haven’t found one yet, so it is slightly unnerving but I don’t really want to stop being picky yet. I want to either end up in another digital education start up. Or gain some startup experience, alternative experience a company with a well grown culture. Preferably in NYC. Preferably only in NYC. I have this pesky NYC longing.

Anyway. When it comes to the process of disrupting sex ed in school, I am thinking of applying to accelerators/incubators after the internship period and graduation at Hyper.
I have a couple that I think are appropriate. So the next step is to understand the process of those and this article by Steli Efti breaks it down nicely:


Basically, find people that have been through the accelerator you are interested in and contact them nicely to find out how it was. Be super prepared for the interview and try to show results already. If you do get in, that’s where the journey actually starts for real.

I did try out just to see some of the process by very spontaneous apply to 500startups. I just happened to see on Twitter that they were looking for lgbtq founders and it was on the last application day. And it was very thorough, a lot of questions about things I haven’t yet thought of. So even if it was a half ass application I did notes on what do I need to be able to answer in future applications.

Other plans, now that my computer is back, I am going to continue to blog on all my outlets and also learn more about building up a social presence where hopefully me being me will work, so keeping on being transparent.  Also keep learning more about this wonderful world that I found through Hyper and sharpening up some skills through the digital platforms to understand their inner workings.

Alrighty !