Value of the economy and what is the aim?

Social Entrepreneurship, TRENDS

I feel there is something happening with our view on the economy. And at least for me I welcome it. Social economy , sharing economy , trading economy, trust economy, virtual economy, local economy, knowledge economy. There are so many names for what ever shift that is happening. But in the end it’s us who decide what will be the new economy depending on what we value and what we put our value into.
That is the big burning question. If the make it rain/stacks of paper/ green is no longer the ruling symbol of value, what is value? What will we think is valuable? Valuable enough to be the new economy?

For me the most valuable asset of this startup is to affect the life of todays kids and give them a good start to understand their and others sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Make them feel secure in that and help out with all the awkward parts, and in that way change a lot of attitudes towards each other and adjust tolerance level in the long run. And I believe that it will have a t trickling effect in other areas of life to.

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