It is important to tailor  the learning for the audience. One way to do that is to start from the students’ questions and concerns. There are certain themes within the topic-integrated teaching that recur at different stages and the progression is differently written in  various subjects. Some things need to be discussed continuously with new experiences, new perspectives and deepening knowledge can be consolidated and deepened during school time.” – a part of Skolverket (Educational Department in Sweden) advice on sexual education

Oh. Really? Do you really think that teens want ALL of their teachers to talk about sex during the education and do it in a way that is “tailored” for them? Most adults can’t even speak about sex among themselves, HOW the FUCK are the going to do that in front of a young giggling crowd? Progression is a strong word to use in this scenario.
I’m reading up and getting angry. I feel I might post a rant tomorrow.


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