So what’s the deal?


As mentioned before the idea has been growing during my time here at Hyper Island, where I study Digital Data Strategy.
I am on my last project which is basically “start your own business“, a startup project.
So for me there was only one way to go, I wanted to use this chance to make this idea grow into reality and see where it goes. But let me break it down for you:

6 weeks of work.
1 final pitch for investors on 13th June.
Investors we present to are selected to give us understanding of the variation there is when it comes to funding your business. So we going to pitch for:

Fredrik Cassel from Creandum.
Miriam Grut Norrby from Schibsted Growth.
There will also be additional investors from Vinnova or Almi, but that we will known later.

What is expected:
Explore and challenge entrepreneurial thinking around data, capitalization on opportunities stemming from data, and navigation of business culture and environments. Reflect and react to business development processes, monetizing on ideas, decision-making, stakeholder management, team and management structures, and changing business requirements. Coin, design and build a business concept.

I kinda went with “I want to do what I think of when people tell me to do what I love“.



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